Interesting Facts You Need to Know about Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf is more than Just an American YouTuber and Instagram celebrity. Here's everything you need to know about Corinna Kopf

Contemporary social media platforms are all about Millenials and their fame stories. Every time you refresh your newsfeed and see a member from Gen Z has become a social media influencer. This article is going to highlight the fame of another young girl who has caught the attention of millions. 

who is corinna kopf

Why is Corinna Kopf famous?

A renowned American social media personality named Corinna Kopf began her career as an ‘Instagram’ model and now has managed to become a Vlogger as well.  She was just a school student when Corinna joined social media. It all started through Instagram when she made a public account on 18th August 2012. Her one of the most popular posts turned out to be the video from an electronic musical festival of ‘Spring Awakening’ in 2014.  Gradually after that, she stepped into the twitter world, where her posts were able to gather almost five hundred thousand followers. To get a better idea of Corinna’s lifestyle, you should follow her on Instagram.  

how old is corinna kopf
corinna kopf tik tok
corinna kopf net worth
corinna kopf net worth
how old is corinna kopf
how old is corinna kopf
corinna kopf merch

Corinna Kopf YouTube Journey

Corinna stepped into YouTube after creating a poll on twitter and engaging her followers by asking if they would want to see her on YouTube or not. Fortunately, 79% of her fanbase wanted to see her Youtube and that is how she created her channel. On 3rd June 2019, she officially joined it and became popular for her storytime videos. This young model has managed to get over a million followers now. One of her most popular videos that garnered over millions of views was her terrifying lip-injection experience.

corinna kopf youtube channel

She listens to her fan requests and posts content accordingly. For instance, she once posted a video on her skin-care rituals upon request of one of her fans which gained her amazing viewership. Fashion, beauty, etc. are some of her regular topics and people enjoy watching content on these. Just like other fellow YouTubers,

Corinna Kopf collaborates with several popular ‘YouTubers’ like Liza Koshy. Durte Dom, Nathalie Paris, Franny Arieta, Josh Peck, Nick Bean, and Jason Nash. Together these talented people perform different challenges and entertain their followers. But what piqued people’s curiosity was Corinna’s Frequent collaboration with David Dobrik. It made their fans think they were dating. Although they say they are not but there are plenty of videos that are meant to confuse people regarding their bond. For important insights you can check this video as well, 

corinna kopf david dobrik
corinna kopf david dobrik
corinna kopf david dobrik

Corinna Kopf Merchandise

This very young girl owns her very own clothing line that she trades on an online shopping website known as “Fanjoy”. This is an additional source of income for Corinna as she has a successful retail line of her items and people actually buy these like crazy!! Her collection has got lingerie items (panties, bra, etc.), beanies, scrunchies, hoodies, shirts, and phone covers as well. The sales tell us that from here her fashion line is only going to grow and grow. You can get hands-on Corinna Kopf’s collection on “Poshmark” as well. 

You can get easy access to her collection under this link,

corinna kopf merch
corinna kopf merch
corinna kopf merchandise

Corrina Kopf tattoos and piercings

Corinna is fond of getting tattoos. Every then and now she gets a new tattoo of different things written on her body parts.  It seems like Kopf likes to flaunt her own unique tattoo designs which clearly tell us that they carry a solid meaning in her life. Some of her popular tattoos have been of “David’s Vlog”, “K”, “Lovers”, “Dommy D” An “A” with a heart under it on her wrist. There is this one tattoo on her foot that reads “You are strong, I love you” which she has dedicated to her deceased brother. The link provided below will allow you to see how her tattoos look like and where they are exactly,

As much as she loves getting tattoos, Kopf is also a piercing fan. The lady has a total of eight piercings, one on the belly-button, three on the left ear, and four on the right ear. 

corinna kopf lip tattoo

Twitch bans Corinna Kopf stream

Over time, this social media influencer became a gamer on twitch and gained a heavy following of around 412,922 followers but guess what? She left twitch and decided to join “facebook’s gaming platform”. This all happened due to controversy because Corinna wore inappropriate clothes in an old stream and twitch had to ban her. Later, in a tweet and video posted on her Facebook page, she said: “As a female gamer, it’s so important for me to find a home that not only empowers myself but also all of you, in order to make a positive impact in the gaming world”.

Corinna Kopf gaming chair is also quite high end and popular amoung gaming stream fans. Follow Corinna through this link on facebook and check her progress in the gaming world. 

corinna kopf live streams
corinna kopf gaming

Corinna Kopf’s love life

Corinna has an active love life and her fans keep wondering who she is dating now but nowadays she is single. The Instagram model’s first serious relationship has been with Toddy Smith. The couple started dating in 2017 and stayed with each other for almost a year.  They made multiple appearances on David’s channel and were known for their PDA. Sadly, they parted ways in April 2018. 

Corinna and Logan Paul

In January 2019, Corinna and Paul were seen sitting together and chilling in LA. Lakers game. This sparked romance rumors between two of these. Surprisingly, they had some history together but I can assure you it was full of hostility. In 2018, Kopf called out Logan after his Japenese suicide Forest video went viral. She stated that she was “sickened” by that video, and tried to tell that her brother had committed suicide. Later, while trying to cover up, Corinna said that we ran into each other at the game and that is it. Although fans did not seem convinced. However, the civility between these two was quite short-lived and they ended up bashing each other on social media. This link will give you better insight through tweets about what happened between these two. 

Tfue and Corinna Love story

Quite soon, in March 2019, this internet sensation sparked romance rumors yet once again. It was none other than gaming Youtuber, Turner Tenney, also known as Tfue. They were first seen together at a party in 2018 but obviously weren’t dating each other. The couple dated for a few months but sadly, parted ways because of distance. Later, they got back together but then broke up again in 2020. 

tfue and corrina kopf

Corinna Kopf Personal Information

Born in Palatine, Illinois, US on December 1st, 1995, Corinna is of German descent and has a good hold of the language as well. Initially, she worked as a nanny when she was in high school but later she became a drop after as she wanted to pursue her social media career.  She is just 23 years old and has already achieved a lot; a Youtuber, Instagram model, Vlogger, gamer with a huge fan following. 

corinna kopf glasses
corinna kopf glasses

Corinna Kopf Net worth

Ms. Kopf’s net worth was estimated to be $ 900,000 in 2020. 

corinna kopf car

Corinna Kopf body facts

This young sensation is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has got attractive hazel eyes and blonde hair. 

corinna kopf tik tok
corinna kopf tik tok
corinna kopf glasses
corinna kopf glasses

Corinna Kopft Twitter and Social media

Corinna’s username on Instagram is “pouty girl” where she has garnered over 4.1 million followers,  @CorinnaKopf.

Her Twitter account has also crossed over a million followers, @CorinnaKopf

You can also follow her on Snapchat by searching “CorinnaKopf”. 

Corrina Kopf Instagram and Twitter

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