Famous Celebrities Who Dated Justine Bieber From Selena Gomez To Kendall Jenner

Here we have compiled a list of 14 Famous Celebrities Who Dated Justine Bieber From Selena Gomez To Kendall Jenner. Who on the earth didn’t know about the famous singer Justin Bieber? There are millions of fans out there. Almost every song of him is a hit. Bieber’s fans always in the search of What he is wearing, his style, way of living or favorite brand, and so on. But if we talk about Justin Bieber’s girlfriends, This is something Beliebers always want to know about. So check out these Famous Celebrities Who Dated Justine Bieber From Selena Gomez To Kendall Jenner. For all the Beliebers out there.

  1. 1 Hailey Baldwin - 2018-present

  2. 2

    Justin and Hailey got hitched in October 2018 in private, before getting married again with a colossal wedding festivity a year later, in September 2019.
    The couple initially met in 2009 when they were presented by Hailey's father, Stephen Baldwin, and they shared a truly ungainly yet lovable experience.
    They began hanging out in 2014 where they turned out to be old buddies

  3. 3 Selena Gomez - 2011-2018

    One of the most open separations within recent memory occurred as Jelena and fans are as yet shook about it right up 'til today.
    They were first seen clasping hands in 2010 and authoritatively started dating in 2011, preceding bits of gossip that Justin had 'cheated' made them go separate ways in 2012.
    They accommodated in 2015 and had a fierce, not many long periods of being here and there once more, which finished in the pair authoritatively calling time on their sentiment for the last time in 2018.
    He wedded Hailey a couple of months after the fact.

  4. 4 Sofia Richie - 2016

    In the middle of all the Selena reunions, JB was connected to numerous young ladies, and one of the most notable was Lionel Richie's little girl, Sofia Richie.
    The model, who is currently dating Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick, dated Justin between August-September 2016.
    Justin got heat from his fans in the wake of posting a photograph on Instagram with her, and he was distraught about it!
    He wound up writing: "I'm going to make my Instagram private on the off chance that you all don't stop the loathe. This is turning crazy in the event that you all are truly fans you wouldn't be so mean to individuals that I like ."

    Everything flew off after Selena reacted to what he stated, expressing: "In the event that you can't deal with the abhor, at that point quit posting photos of your better half lol-It ought to be uncommon between both of you as it were. Try not to be frantic at your fans. They love you and bolstered you before anyone could possibly do."

    Justin and his ex wound up going to and fro in the remarks, where the 'Lose You To Love Me' artist blamed Justin for 'cheating with various individuals' and JB hit back asserting she 'cheated' with One Direction's Zayn Malik.

    Sofia and Justin had a brief sentiment after that occurrence.

  5. 5 Kendall Jenner - 2015

    Kendall and Justin have been close for quite a long time as they have a similar friend network, including her sister Kylie and Jaden Smith.

    In any case, in the past, the pair appeared to be significantly cozier than previously and there was a theory that there was more to their kinship.

    A couple of months after the gossipy tidbits broke, he did a meeting with Billboard, where he said it was 'never that genuine's with Kendall, affirming something went down between the two.

  6. 6 Yovanna Ventura - 2014

    In the wake of being seen together in 2014, the model showed up on Biebs' Instagram page and the pair appeared to be indistinguishable.
    E! News announced that he had 'searched her out' before hanging out together in Miami and Vegas.
    A source said at that point: "She thinks he is a decent, sweet person, a man of his word. She thinks he is a hero and attractive, and the inclination is clearly shared.
    "Justin truly loves her. I think he truly appreciates being around her. She is simply such a certifiable individual and he jumps at the chance to converse with her."
    In any case, it wasn't intended to be and their sentiment, in the end, flamed out.
    Justin likewise erased all hints of her from his web-based life.

  7. 7 Miranda Kerr - 2012

    Justin was shot kissing Victoria's Secret model, Miranda Kerr, on the cheek behind the stage at VS style appear in November 2012, only days before E! News affirmed he and Selena had separated.
    Clearly, they had a 'toss' yet it was rarely affirmed. Justin notoriously had a showdown with Miranda's significant other at that point, Orlando Bloom, in a club, and TMZ revealed that everything commenced between the pair when Justin told the entertainer.

  8. 8 Caitlin Beadles

  9. 9

    All Beliebers out there will realize Justin's first sweetheart was Caitlin Beadles as she was begrudged by numerous when he previously went ahead of the scene.
    They met when he moved to Atlanta to seek after his profession in 2008 and apparently split following a year together, because of him getting enormously celebrated.
    He stayed old buddies with Caitlin and her family, as he was very near her more youthful sibling, Christian, who used to post YouTube recordings with the 'Child' vocalist.
    Everything love between the exes as Caitlin and Christian even went to Justin and Hailey's wedding in 2019!

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