Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kristen Hanby

Ever wanted to laugh your lungs out? want to release all that stress and relax for some time? If you want to break into a fit of laughter You must know who is Kristen Hanby. Yes, the famous Youtuber, Musician, and Savage Prankster.

Kristen Hanby is an English YouTube celebrity, and Facebook personality. He is renowned for his unique content that include devilish jokes he pulls off on his family and public as well. Apart from this, his super creative prank ideas have helped him in gathering a huge fan following and in becoming a famous prankster. 

Kristen Hanby Prank star

Kristen Hanby Bio (Personal Information)

Born on 8th of March 1993, this famous prankster is 27 years old. He is a Pisces and lives in Los Angeles, California. Hanby was born in Jersey, England and originates from St. Helier, Jersey. However, very little information regarding him has been revealed about his past or his education. Before fame, he had a full-time job and worked on a building site on the small island of Jersey. 

Kristen Hanby history
Kristen Hanby family

Kristen Hanby Family

Although he has introduced us to almost all his family members through his videos, however, it is important to mention them by name. It is sad that nothing is known about his father but his mother’s name is Giselle Hanby and she lives with Kristen in the same house. Kristen’s grandma also lives with them. He mostly includes his sisters in his pranks.

Kristen Hanby Sisters

He has got two sisters and their names are Natalie and Bryony Hanby. His sister, Natalie is also a social media star just like her brother. She is famous on Instagram and her net worth varies from $1 million to $5 million. She has had a daughter named Lexi.

Hanby has got one brother and his name is Jonathon Hanby. This young lad is not married to anyone and he has no kid of his own. Hanby’s videos reveal that he does have a girlfriend but no one knows who she is. 

Kristen hanby age
Kristen Hanby Grandmother family
youtuber Kristen Hanby family
Kristen hanby sister prank

Hanby’s Tattoos

While giving an interview to the CelebMix, Kristen was asked to tell about his own favorite video he has made till date. There, he revealed that one of the most crazy videos was where he was dared to get ten tattoos.  And he did that!!! These tattoos included his ex-girlfriend’s name, names of random people, a tattoo of camel on his big toe, a tattoo of a trash can and a trash bag. 

Kristen Hanby tattoo hand lion

Kristen Hanby and Bambi Marinez

Bambi Martinez is a model, singer, and an actress with 361K followers on Instagram. She goes by with the username “dearbambi”. She seems like a good friend of Kristen Hansby as they have made a few videos together and he also has a few pictures with Bambi on his Instagram. His fans often wonder if they both are dating each other but no such statement has been issued by either of these personalities. 

kristen Hanby and Bambi

Watch Hanby and Bambi together in some of their fun videos here.

Hanby and Bambi Martinez
Hanby and Bambi
Bambi Martinez and Kristen hanby
kristen Hanby and Bambi Martinez

Kristen and Chad Tepper

A former professional skateboarder and an American YouTuber, Chad Tepper is known for his talents. Kristen Hanby and Chad Tepper have collaborated many times and Tepper also directed some of his music videos for him. They have done many interesting challenges and dares together.

Sweet Little thing by Kristen Hanby

This young sensation tried his luck in music as well. In February 2020, he released his own song with the title of “sweet little things”.  It has got 17K likes and 400,279 views on YouTube. 

Kristen Hanby song Sweet little thing

Jackson o’doherty and Kristen Hanby

Jackson O’doherty is a social media influencer and with the help of Jackson,these two stars made their on-going collaboration.  This crazy duo has a combined following of 15 million and counting and do not fail to entertain their viewers. They opt for challenges and see who will fulfill these tasks. 

On 7th March 2020, Hanby released another song by the name of “I’m the mayor”. It has got 397,587 views. View the official music video through this link.

I am the Mayor by Kristen Hanby

Hoover Prank Kristen Hanby

Back in 2019, he pranked his family members by keeping hoover close to their mouth while they were asleep and recorded their reaction. 

Kristen Hanby Blind Boxing Challnege

Another entertaining video of this prankster went viral where he and his brother are blind boxing. Sounds fun to me!! 

Kristen Hanby – Who I Am Ft. Soulja Boy

We all are aware how big of an American rapper Soulja boy is. Luckily, facebook personality Kristen Hanby got a chance to collaborate with him and made a music video with the Soulja boy. 

Drunk Love by Kristen Hanby

Yet another famous song was dropped by Kristen Hanby in June 2019. Drunk love was liked by many people and got around 722,974 views. He was quite happy how this song was liked by masses.

Video Drunk Love by Kristen Hanby

Kristen Making Everyone Copy Dj Khaled’s Dance Moves

Back in 2017, DJ Khaled’s video caught the attention of many people where he was doing salsa dance. Kristen made a similar fun video where he asked his family members to follow DJ Khaled’s dance moves. 

DJ Khaled Moves by Kristen Hanby

Kristen Hanby Song : On The Road

Released on 14th December 2018, Hanby’s song “on the road” received 441,297 views.

Song: On the road (Official Music Video)

Song : On My Own By Kristen

“On my own” was Kristen Hanby’s third official music video which gained 426,258 views. Check full video on

Kristen Hanby New Songs

Kristen Hanby’s Social Media

He has got 2.45M subscribers on YouTube Channel

7,053,256 people like his page FaceBook Profile

Garnered over 6.7 million followers on Instagram profile.

Kristen Hanby’s Net Worth:

$1.2 million as per recent estimation by most reliable sources so far.

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