Instagram influencer Lexi Hensler made it to Big screen from Social Media

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 If you are a social media addict and have been spending most of your time swapping between apps and stuffing yourself with all the snacks available in this self-isolation period, then you must have come across this girl who is seemingly attractive but more than that she is a social media sensation. Yes, all those Youtubers, you guessed it right. I am talking about Lexi Hensler.  And for those who are not aware who she is, this is that spot on content you need to read because it will answer all your questions regarding Lexi Hensler. 

Lexi is a Tiktoker, actress and model who made it to big screen though social media. Let’s know more about this Instagram influencer and Youtuber.

Apart from being a social media queen, Ms. Hensler is yearning to become an American singer, an aspiring model, and stand-up comedian as well. She has been doing modelling for various different brands now and was first discovered and approached by a photographer. Now, she has garnered over millions of followers on YouTube as well as Instagram. 

Inside Lexi’s Personal life

Lexi’s full name is Alexandra Elizebeth Hensler. Born in the United States on 5th December, 1997, Hensler is 22 years old. She is a christian by religion and her ethnicity is French ukranian irish and a little English but she’s mostly French. She is a sagittarius who has spent most of her childhood in San Diego. She kinda misses that life and wants to move back there someday. This rising star has a small family and not everyone is alive or that connected.

She has one elder brother who lives in Washington DC they’re not super close but she loves him and wishes he didn’t live so far. Lexi’s father, Paul Hensler, is skilled in hospital management, and he has been very successful in rejuvenating failing hospitals. Her mother, Monique Hensler, lives in San Diego and runs a children’s hospital.

Lexi is studying Business and Economics and She said in a video that she loves what her father does. He comes into hospitals that are failing, and he comes into the management part of them and tries to fix them, and he’s amazing at it. But in another video she also said she would like to do some business of her type, like skin care.


Lexi has got a broad smile and blond hair. She likes to colour her hair every then and now. Her big eyes with long eyelashes make her pretty attractive. She is 5’2 and loves being short. However, it’s sad when people meet her they ask oh we thought you would be tall and they look very disappointed.

Lexi Hensler and Ben Azelart

A young girl with big aspirations, who has already made her spot on Instagram as well as the YouTube world, obviously leaves everyone curious about her relationship status. Lexi often collaborates with Ben Azelart, a famous YouTuber. Their frequent hang outs and candidness sparked a lot of rumors among their fans. Their followers were pretty curious to know what actually is going on between these two. That is when Hensler denied all rumors and issued a statement that Ben is just like a little brother to her.  

Lexi hensler and Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera is another social media influencer who is good friends with Lexi. Which is why, yet once again people started to question their relationship and thought they were dating at one point. This was ranked as the most common assumption when Lexi made a video on some basic assumptions people have about her. She cleared the air and said “Brent and I have never dated. He is one of the most incredible people I have ever met, he is so intelligent, so down to earth and giving”. 

You can view her full video via this link.

Lexi Hensler and The twins

The very famous instagram twins, Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes have also known Lexi Hensler. They have massively collaborated and have become good friends. On 23rd March, 2019, these three social media stars together attended the Nickelodeon’s 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards at Galen Center in Los Angeles, California. Fans often comment if Lexi’s dating one of the twins but she denies the rumors. 

Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes

Lexi Hensler Merch

As of now, this social media sensation has not come up with her own merch like her fellow YouTubers, Brent Rivera came up with one recently. However, websites like “Redbubble” have launched some Lexi Hensler fan merchandise which include customized apparel. Lay your hands on your favorite T-shirt through this website.

Lexi is a Prankster

Hensler seems to be a very friendly and lively person. She is fond of pulling off pranks on her friends and cheering them up as well. One of her recent pranks was from April fools which you can enjoy here.

More pranks included “Pranking friends and then giving them Christman presents” and “I put a petting zoo in Brent’s new house”. 

Living in a Bubble for 24 Hours

Her crazy content is what gains her followers. Back on 5th April 2020, Lexi did a challenge that demanded her staying inside a big air filled transparent bubble. She did this challenge in collaboration with her friends who had fun along with her during this entire activity. Seeming like getting trapped in a bubble was quite an adventure for Lexi. View full video of her challenge here.

Lexi Hensler Pregnant for 24 hours

Ms. Hensler comes up with unique ideas like this one hell of an idea. She managed to shoot a vlog, where she faked her pregnancy and wanted to experience for a day how it feels like to have a baby bump. She facetimed her friends and family to see their reaction, tried birth stimulator and weird pregnancy food cravings as well. Check her crazy content on this fun video through this link,

Lexi Got Benji

Hensler is quite fond of dogs, especially puppies. She had dogs named Bentley and another one was Elise. However, a recent puppy she got and made a detailed video about it got around 1,215,891 views. She named her new nine weeks old dog, Benji. You can view full video through this link provided.

(picture with her god benji available on her instagram account) 

Lexi Hensler on tiktok

Apart from being active on Instagram and Youtube, Lexi is also on TikTok with 2.8 million followers and 28.7 million likes.

LEXI HENLER’S NET WORTH: Her estimated net worth is $200,000. 

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