15+ Pictures Of Kim That Kanye Didn’t Want Her To Post On Social Media

Here Esnackable brings 15+ Kim Of Kim That Kanye Didn’t Want Her To Post On Social Media. As we all know Kim loves to take selfies all the time. Even doctors advised her to not so do. Because taking too many selfies may hurt her wrist. Now you can have some idea that how many selfies she takes a day? This is not something new that Kardashian is always in the news, Especially Kim. But when we talk about her husband. Both have different approaches to using social media. If we talk about Kim she spends most of her time posting her images on the internet. Rather than posting about her life and behind the scenes. 

But some times Kanye doesn’t seem happy, About some pictures that she posts on social media. If she asks him about it he would not have approved. So here are 15+ Kim Of Kim That Kanye Didn’t Want Her To Post On Social Media. 

  1. 1 Selfie Assistant

    Kim is a selfie freak. She takes too many selfies that doctors advised her to give her wrist some rest from taking to many selfies. Guess what she hired a selfie assistant. Yes, that's right. According to an article published in the Cosmopolitan, a lady named Paxy is working as Kim’s “selfie-assistant." This is something Kanye really didn't want her to post on social media. 

  2. 2 Selfie in the car.

    In this picture, it can clearly be seen that Kanye wants to enjoy the ride in this beautiful car. But instead of enjoying or spending this amazing moment with her husband. Kim is more interested in taking selfies. We can see the dissatisfaction on Kanye West's face. 

  3. 3 Extra revealing dresses

    In this image, we can say that she is heading towards attending a party or get together. But she barely looks dressed at all. Although Kanye has an amazing dressing sense. And we can definitely say that he’d be able to find her more appropriate options than her. 

  4. 4 flaunting her closet

    Kim and Kanye are very rich. But when it comes to showing off, Kim is a master of it. Flaunting her wealth is definitely Kanye didn't want her to do. Her closet is full of expensive clothes and accessories. But we don’t need to see this on her social media so often. So do Kanye. 

  5. 5 Hilarious Photoshop fails

    Looking perfect in pictures is a goal for celebrities. But in order to quick photo-shopping to make your photos “perfect” before posting, They ended up looking hilarious then perfect.   Kim’s photo-shop fails are so common. Here we can learn a big lesson from Kim that does not edit your images too much. And pay attention to all components of the image.

  6. 6 Six-Toes

    Like other Kim's photoshop fails here is another one. The editor ended up giving her six toes. People paid little more attention to this picture. This is the time for Kim to check her edited images thrice before posting. Plus she should hire a new editor to avoid such blunders in the future.   

  7. 7 Arm less Kim

    Kanye must be really disappointed at this one. It gives the idea that trying to reconfigure her waistline, Kim has concentrated such a great amount on that district that she hasn't understood her arm's been totally expelled from the photograph. This altering comes up short doesn't actually think about well anybody included.

  8. 8 Human emoji

    Kim launches a new app. That contains her emojis. you can use this app with other texting applications. There are applications planned to help individuals in making their own Emoji's. Tragically, this isn't one of them. Kim extremely just went over the edge when altering her pictures and the final product was this. We're almost certain that Kanye wedded a genuine individual, yet we are done taking a gander at a picture of a genuine individual right now.

  9. 9 Extra edited images.

    this is a profoundly altered and unreasonable picture. Kim and Kourtney seem as though they have been glued onto a different background, and their body extents are off track. Nothing about this photograph seems genuine in any way. Kanye must have a panic attack after seeing this photo. 

  10. 10 Wait, is that thumb or finger?

    The thumb is slighter small than the other fingers. It definitely has different in shape than other fingers. We have seen Kims thumbs in tons of her images. But the way her thumb looks in this image, this seems highly edited photo. Kanye definitely doesn't like her wife's body parts misshaped. 

  11. 11 Inappropriate for kids

    When Kim posted this photograph of North, wearing larger than usual band hoops that were worn by such a little youngster. Many people were upset by this image. As Kim's world already revolves around enough criticism, she might need to keep away from these bad parenting moves.

  12. 12 Drunk Kim

    This image is surely that memory that Kanye wants to erase from his life. When Kim was too drunk that she accidentally revealed the gender of their baby.

  13. 13 Irritate

    Parenting is not something easy. No matter that you are a famous celeb. Kim snapped this photo of North tugging at Kanye’s hat. It might be a funny family moment for Kim. But by looking at the Kanye face, he seems not so impressed. 

  14. 14 Awkward moment

    Kanye looks especially awkward in this photo. He seems more interested in something else rather than posing for a perfect shot. Clearly this picture was taken at an inopportune moment. This picture Kanye doesn't approve for social media.

  15. 15 Posing with EX

    Kim's wild gathering days with Paris. And her relationship with her ex would likely not "go" as satisfactory photography for Kanye nowadays.

  16. 16 Sleepy selfie

    Kim is so obsessed with selfies that she doesn't care about anyone, that how awkward they are looking. It is the selfie she posted online, where her husband is sleeping at the back seat This is definitely not a glamorous moment for Kanye. 

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