20+ Hilariously Funny Examples Of Expectations vs Reality

Here we have gathered 20+ Hilariously Funny Examples Of Expectations vs Reality to boost your day with laughter. These images are so relatable that everyone must have experienced such fail once in their life. Sometimes we get tricked by false advertising or packaging. What if your makeup turned out to be a complete flop. So here are 20+ Hilariously Funny Examples Of Expectations vs Reality to make you lol.

  1. 1 Restaurant’s charcuterie board as advertised vs what I got.

  2. 2 So disappointing

  3. 3 “$60 ‘professional’ Halloween makeup. I asked for the photo on the left, with just a little fake blood. On the right is what the makeup artist gave me.”

  4. 4 Thanks Amazon. I was going for ‘boho chic’, but you gave me ‘tacky brothel’.

  5. 5 I ordered the 'Banana Split'

  6. 6 Minnie gained some weight

  7. 7 Wait what?

  8. 8 This is so outrageous, I just had to crosspost it here.

  9. 9 My Darth Maul birthday cake ate too much cake

  10. 10 When you are so unlucky

  11. 11 Decided to try the new 50 euro 70cm pizza that's hugely advertised for being the best thing ever.

  12. 12 I had the groomer try a new clip on my dog

  13. 13 Trying to make dried orange wheels (left). I feel like they turned out pretty well (right).

  14. 14 I really enjoyed my granola & paper thin strawberries

  15. 15

  16. 16 “I went on a hike today that promised stunning views. My pic is on the bottom.”

  17. 17 What a fit.

  18. 18 Left pic is what I asked for, right pics are what I ended up with.

  19. 19 Saw this on internet. Thought it would be cute to try

  20. 20

  21. 21 Guess I won’t be reaping that Norway scenery karma

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