30+ Inspiring Images Of Overworked Medical Workers Fighting Against Coronavirus Outbreak

As the whole world is facing the coronavirus outbreak. Many countries are lock down due to this pandemic. The number of positives cases is rapidly increasing every minute. Doctors and Medical Workers Fighting Against Coronavirus disease in the front line. They are working 24/7. Saving lives as essential workers, by risking their own lives. Today we have gathered 30+ Inspiring Images Of Overworked Medical Workers That Are Fighting Against Coronavirus Outbreak. So you can have an idea of what is happening inside the emergency rooms. They are real-life heroes. Please take a moment and thank them for this huge effort in serving humanity.

  1. 1 Face After 13 Hours ICU Work

  2. 2 I’ve Been A Critical Care Nurse For 13 Years, And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like What Is Happening Now In Our Healthcare System. It Is Beyond Overwhelming

  3. 3 Nurse After Hours Of Work In Intensive Care

  4. 4 Faces Of Medical Workers After A Long Shift Of Treating Coronavirus Patients - A Czech Doctor

  5. 5 This Is What You Look Like After Wearing An N95 Mask All Day. We Don’t Have Enough Of Anything. Help Us Help You

  6. 6 Just Finished A 12 Hour Shift Swabbing Symptomatic Covid19 Patients At Our Drive Thru Testing Site In Cleveland. We Collectively Swabbed 629

  7. 7 This Is An Anesthesiologist, Dr. John Henao, Who Is Running Out Of Ppe (Personal Protective Equipment) At His Hospital

  8. 8 My Battle Scars

  9. 9 Nurses Take Off Their Face Masks After A Grueling Shift In Fight With Novel Coronavirus

  10. 10 This Is My Mom. She’s 71 Years Old And Screening People From The Afternoon To Midnight. Thank The People That Expose Themselves And Go Through Hell Just To Make Sure People Are Safe

  11. 11 Dr. Joy Vink Is On The Frontline Of NYC's Battle With Covid-19, But Without Access To Proper Personal Protective Gear

  12. 12 I Am Nurse And I Am Facing This Health Emergency Right Now

  13. 13 Nurse's Face After Taking Protective Gear Off

  14. 14 This Is My Mom. She’s My Hero. She’s A 60 Year Old Primary Care Physician Testing Patients For Covid-19

  15. 15 Nurse's Face After A Long Shift

  16. 16 Gear Marks On Nurse's Face

  17. 17 This Is My New Reality. Our Unit Has Turned Into An Itu And I Spent 10.5hrs With 1hr Off In Full Ppe With Covid Patients

  18. 18 Much Tiredness, Fear And Concern In Addition To The Brands, Injuries And Heat Caused By Protective Equipment

  19. 19 https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/doctors-nurses-photos-fighting-coronavirus-18-5e7897c85f27c__700.jpg

  20. 20 As Most Of The World Is Isolating, Shutting Down, And Running As Far A Away From The Virus This Guy, Will Be Running Into It. This Guy Is My Guy And He Is An Emergency Room Doctor

  21. 21 Nurse Takes A Selfie To Show What Wearing A Mask Does To Her Face

  22. 22 This Is The Face Of Someone Who Just Spent 9 Hours In Personal Protective Equipment Moving Critically Ill Covid19 Patients Around London

  23. 23

  24. 24 Me After I Finished My Shift In The Covid Department

  25. 25 This Was Me Last Night On Shift As A Critical Nurse When I Went On My Lunch Hour After Wearing A Mask And All The Gear And Do You Know What I Wouldn’t Be Doing Anything Else!

  26. 26 Marks On Nurse Face

  27. 27 Marks On Nurse Face

  28. 28 I’m Not Afraid When I’m At Work. I’m Doing What I Was Trained To Do. I’m Afraid When We Run Out Of Resources— Supplies And Staff.

  29. 29 Here’s Mine From Yesterday After Only 4 Hours

  30. 30 Nurse After Hours Of Work In Intensive Care

  31. 31 Here’s A Massive Thank You To The Icu Nurses, Intensivists, And Rts Who Are Wearing This Ppe For An Upwards Of 30-40 Minutes, If Not Longer

  32. 32 I Was Honestly Wondering If Everyone's Face Was Bright Red After Taking Off Their Mask. Stay Safe Everyone!

  33. 33 Hospital Policy Now Mask At All Times. I Have Been Doing In Ccu Anyhow. Critical Step To Reduce Transmission, For Example Among Asymptomatic Hcws

  34. 34 At The Front Lines Of Coronavirus

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