15 Most Horrific Real Life Horror Tales To Read In The Dark

Today Esnackable brings 15 Most Horrific Real Life Horror Tales To Read In The Dark. If we say that his world is full of mysteries, Some unreal encounters, and strange events, so that is 100% right. So some people may encounter with some unusual and horrific events. That they shared on the internet. Hundreds of people around the world have been sharing their most terrifying real-life horror stories on Reddit. So here we have collected some really terrifying horror stories. Check out these 15 Most Horrific Real Life Horror Tales To Read In The Dark.

  1. 1 The Watcher

    “My cousin and his family (wife and infant son) had lived in their house for about 5 years. His wife left home to drop the baby off at daycare before work but realized she had left her phone at home. Entering the house, she turned the corner to the hallway and nearly ran into the drop-down attic ladder which was fully extended. They never used the attic as it was filled with loose insulation and my cousin had left for work hours earlier.

    She quietly left the house, drove around the corner and called the police.

    When the police investigated, they found a short-range transmitter connected to several cameras hidden throughout their home. The light fixture in the shower, the ceiling fan above their bed, even a pinhole in the nursery were sending videos to a nearby location.

    Their neighbor a few houses away had been given a key by the prior owners and installed surveillance equipment once he knew their schedule. My cousin’s wife walked in on him updating his equipment but he forgot something at his house and left to get it when she walked in.

    He had been watching them for years.” – matlaz423

  2. 2 The Abandoned Asylum

    “Me and some friends went to an abandoned mental asylum at night not really expecting much. We busted in one of the boarded up windows and when we were inside we all heard talking. We figured other people were there so we followed the sound. We’re walking down the hall and heard what sounded like a woman whispering “Why did you take my baby” over and over again. At this point, I’m visibly shaking and we all believed we found where the sound was coming from. We go in this room and there was a huge cage. It looked like one of those pet carriers but human sized.

    I don’t know what the fuck happened that night. I don’t really believe dead people were talking in there but the sheer creepiness of it all was too much.” – BrandyAlexander9

  3. 3 The Blind Old Woman

    “Worked at a women’s clothing mail order catalogue call center. During training, a veteran worker was talking about getting to know the frequent callers and the story of one of them.

    So, old lady used to call in often. She was blind but would have someone help her pick out things. The manager of her apartment complex I think. She would order often, and they got to know her by name. Well, eventually, she stopped calling in. So they contacted the number they had for her, which was the apartment manager’s number. Old lady was fine, but had to be moved to a new building because…

    Well, the old blind lady, was very meticulous with her cleaning. She cleaned everything often, at old lady level. So the manager had come in to do some maintenance for the first time in many months. Every room in her apartment, above head level, had thick webs and nests of black widow spiders. Hundreds and hundreds.

    Can you imagine? An oblivious old lady walking around blind in a house she thinks is spotlessly clean… But there is a soul-freezing nightmare swarming all over the ceiling.” – MechaClown

  4. 4 Noises Behind the Door

    “This actually happened to a friend of mine. She used to live in an entirely different town when she was younger and her closet had this strange door in the back of it. Well whether it was imagined just due to her being a child at the time or if it really did happen she started to hear noises coming from behind this door whenever she went to bed. She told me that several times she tried telling her parents that she was hearing these noises, but they never believed her.

    So some time goes by and one day her parents get a call from the police because they just arrested a homeless man. This was not just any homeless man though. This homeless man was living in some sort of tunnel that goes straight to that door in the back of her closet. So every once in a while for whatever reason, this man would come through that door and watch my friend sleep in her closet.” – Rabadawg211

  5. 5 Mrs Black

    “My Gran was in the local town doing her shopping and running various errands. On her way home she met one of her neighbours out doing their gardening, she stopped, asked how they were, they had a chat and Gran came home.

    When she got in my Grandad asked how town had been, if she met anyone on the way, Gran started talking about the neighbour, Grandad interrupted her “Mrs Black?? We were at her funeral two weeks ago”.

    Apparently, Gran nearly passed out once she realised.” – caca_milis_

  6. 6 Under the Bed

    “True story about my grandma that takes place before they had children.

    My Grandpa (Darrell) worked night shifts so my grandma (Dora) was home alone most nights. Her sister-in-law (Rose) would randomly come over to keep her company. Dora decided to go to bed early one night. Rose came over that night to see how she was doing. She went to Dora’s bedroom after calling for her with a reply of “I’m in bed, just come in”. Upon entering the room, Rose starts acting weird and telling her she really wants her to get up and come help her with something in the kitchen. Dora was ready to go to sleep and was already in bed and really didn’t want to. Rose was really adamant for her to come help her telling her it was urgent. After a

    After a while, Dora eventually got up and followed Rose to the kitchen. Upon entering Rose whispers in a panic with tears in her eyes “there’s a man under your bed with a knife”.

    Dora of course didn’t believe at first but seeing the panic in Rose’s eyes she couldn’t not believe her. They preceded to call the cops and left to the neighbor’s house. The cops came and found a man hiding in the closet with a Butcher knife. And that is the story of how my grandmother was almost murdered and why I still to this day as 30-year-old man checks under the bed.” – doo138

  7. 7 Early Morning Run

    “My friend was visiting family in the states. They lived in a rural community of Maine and one morning she woke up before everyone else and decided to go for a run. After ~30 minutes she turned back and started noticing a van following a few blocks behind her. She thought it was strange so started turning down a few streets with the van following every move. She started sprinting and the van sped up too.

    She ran to the first house she could find and started banging on the door. No answer. Hopped the fence and started banging on the back door. Dog in the house started barking at her but no one answered. She jumped into the empty pool in the backyard and hid while dialing 911. A car parked in front of the house and man started calling out to her offering her a ride home.

    The dog in the house was now barking like crazy and the man left after about a minute. Police showed up and took her back to her family’s place. She gave a report and they identified the van from a nearby HVAC business. It had been stolen early that day.” –


  8. 8 The Blind Date

    “About 30 years ago my mom went on a blind date. Her date took her to a restaurant, and although he was nice enough, she just wasn’t into him. Not even halfway through the meal she was already thinking of ways to leave early.

    The waiter could tell. While my mom’s date was in the restroom, the waiter approached her and asking her if she was okay. She explained she was on a blind date and not having much fun. Turns out the waiter was just about to get off work. He offered to give her a ride home if she waited another ten minutes. She considered it, and was about to say yes, when her date came back from the restroom. She gave a subtle head shake “no” to the waiter and smiled. She and her date finished their meals, and he took her home.

    The next night my mom was watching the evening news. A story comes on about a woman being raped and murdered behind a restaurant the night before.

    The restaurant was the one she had been at. They showed the murderer’s picture. It was the waiter.” – mollsabell

  9. 9 Up on the Roof

    “I used to live next to a senile old woman who would knock on my door late at night crying and saying there was somebody in her roof. I’d always have to assure her that it was just possums running around and that it was fine. This went on for years until her kids finally sent her to a home and new people moved in.

    A week or so after this I woke up to police cars on the street outside my house, I asked the new neighbour what happened and he told me he got out of bed and saw legs dangling out of the ceiling in the kitchen and assumed he was being robbed. The guy got away but when the cops checked inside the roof they found chairs, cans of beans, water bottles, magazines and some blankets. Old mate had been set up there for at least 2 years, assuming her complaints coincided with him moving in.

    She once told me her dementia was so bad she’d sometimes have to go grocery shopping a few times a day because she’d come home and realise she forgot to buy anything. I wonder now if it was just because he was taking all her food.” – Anonymous

  10. 10 Hidden in the Tree

    “This couple had a huge tree in their backyard and it started to smell and ooze. They had arborists come in and look at the tree but no one could figure out what was wrong. The couple decided to have the tree removed. When The branches started coming down a body fell out. A homeless woman was sleeping in the tree and died. Her body had been decomposing for ages.” – chelcdora

  11. 11 Abduction

    “I was only 4 when this happened. Was playing outside with my siblings and neighbors and while they’re busy playing, a lady approached me and took me to her place. A nearby neighborhood. After a while, everybody was freaking out and they started looking for me everywhere. This lady was severely depressed, her husband left her after their son died. He couldn’t handle her depression apparently.

    She took me to her place, fed me and gave me tons of candy. For couple days. She also made me wear her deceased son pajamas. At some point, She took me to buy some candy from the store, the store owner knew her so he reported that to the police. She didn’t hurt me at all, the doctor even said I was well fed. I always think of her and pray she’s in a better place now, even tried to go visit her when I was a college student, her house was sold and she moved away apparently.” – Acherub

  12. 12 A Close Call

    “My high school teacher attended Central Washington University in the early 1970’s. She and her best friend, Susan Rancourt were leaving the library late at night to go to a movie.

    Susan was offering to carpool together on the way out, when they were approached by a guy with a broken arm, trying to carry a diorama of some sort. He asked for some assistance, which they both gladly agreed to but my teacher had left one of her books in the library. The last she saw of Susan was her smiling face as she graciously helped this guy to his Beetle.

    Susan was reported missing, and it turned out that she was abducted and murdered by Ted Bundy.” – Schadey03

  13. 13 Pitter-Patter

    “I went to my aunt and uncle’s house one family vacation about 10 years ago. We drove from South Texas to some small town in Missouri, can’t remember the name, we arrived there at 1 am. Family consisted of myself, 2 younger sisters, mother, father. Most of the family was hungry from the long drive and wanted to see if a McDonald’s was open. I was tired from the long car ride and wanted to stay at the house. Mom said one of my sisters would be staying as well. I settle down into the living room watching TV, slightly dozing off. I can remember hearing pitter-patter down the hallway and assumed my sister was just running around, she’d been eating sugary snacks the whole way up. I get a call from my mom asking what I wanted to eat and in the background can hear both my sisters arguing. I hear a giggle somewhat behind me stand straight up and look around, nothing. I ask my mom if my sister ended up going with them, which she confirmed.

    I stood in the corner of the room till everyone got back.” – Faux_F0X

  14. 14 Skinwalker

    “This happened to a friend of mine, and was verified by her sister and girlfriend.

    The three of them were camping in an area in southern Utah (sorry I don’t remember the exact location), and it was during the fall/early winter so it got dark very early, around 5:00. When it started getting dark the three of them built a fire and sat around it, just talking and eating, normal stuff.

    Everything was fine for a while, but they started to hear this weird chirping noise. She described it to me as a kookaburra call slowed down. They got kind of freaked out at this point because it didn’t sound like any regular animal. They also kept noticing rustling/movement out of the corners of their eyes but could never see what was making it.

    After a while they went to bed, and everything was fine until my friend was woken up in the middle of the night to see what looked like hands pressed up against the outside of her tent, and she heard a weird wet breathing sound (like when someone has a stuffy throat and kind of wheezes while breathing). She said she was so scared she couldn’t talk, but was able to wake up her sister. They stayed quiet and eventually the hand prints kind of just faded away.

    In the morning they wanted to get the hell out of there, so they started packing up their stuff at sunrise. My friend looked around where the handprints had been, and saw a trail of long, skinny footprints leading up to their campsite, but not away from it.

    Her and her sister aren’t the kind to bullshit around, so I believe that this really happened. To this day she’s convinced it was a skinwalker.” – bovidaes

  15. 15 The Crowbar

    “My friend came home from school one day to find that her house had been broken into. She decided to go inside, and look around whilst she called her mum. She was done looking at the second floor when she made for the stairs, her mum convinced her to go outside and wait for the police (who she had called). Later on, the police asked the family if they owned a crowbar, the said they didn’t. They then said it looks like the offender was still in the house when she got home, and they were waiting at the top of the stairs with a crowbar, which they stupidly left behind when they fled. – FlarpyBlundergufff

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