35 Hilarious Situations When People Had One Job And Failed

Some people have only one job but they don’t even bother to do it right or pay attention to it. They do such silly mistakes, that after seeing them you might wonder how someone can miss it. Check Top posts from You had one job fail and memes. We are still thinking about how they manage to screw it up so badly. So if we are not one of them, these pictures are hilariously funny for them. Here eSnackable Viral content team brings you 35 Hilarious Situations When People Had One Job And Failed.

  1. 1 Forgot Something

  2. 2 College Of "Planning"

  3. 3 They've Been Mowing For The Past Month

  4. 4 Jesus Was Working Today

  5. 5 You Had One Job

  6. 6 Long Yellow Things

  7. 7 This Is Annoying

  8. 8 Dammit, You Had One Job

  9. 9 Good Job, Africa

  10. 10 You Had One Job

  11. 11 Do Not Stack. Okay

  12. 12 Nope

  13. 13 SOTP?

  14. 14 One Job... One Job

  15. 15 Perfect Bench Placement

  16. 16 Design Fail

  17. 17 Well Done

  18. 18 My Work Is Done Here

  19. 19 Fail

  20. 20 Nice Job

  21. 21 Give Cyclists Space

  22. 22 The Easter Bunny Is A Master Of Disguise

  23. 23 You Had One Job, Editor

  24. 24 Back To School? Just What I Need!

  25. 25 Fork In The Road

  26. 26 You Had One Job

  27. 27 Even More Than You Would Expect

  28. 28 Hey Joe, Did You Get That Urinal And Toilet Installed? "Sure Did, Boss"

  29. 29 New Pokemon Found

  30. 30 You Had Just One Job, Just One

  31. 31 A Friend Of Mine Ordered A Picture Cake And Gave The Woman A Thumb Drive With The Picture She Wanted To Use

  32. 32 Tried To Surprise My Mum For Mother's Day. Put This In The Special Requirements And They Print It On The Box

  33. 33 Happy Valentine's Day To All The Single Ladies

  34. 34 We Have 3 Sinks. We Need 5 Paper Towel Holders

  35. 35 Mixed Signals

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