25 Epic Fails By People Having Worst day Ever

It’s probably a little mean, but when the chips are down and you’re going through a rough patch, there is some comfort to be found in the knowledge that someone, somewhere has it even worse than you. This list is for those of you who are having that kind of day when absolutely nothing seems to be working out, and you are struggling to find the will to carry on. Scroll down below to find out 25 Epic Fails By People Having Worst day Ever.

  1. 1

  2. 2 Abraham Lincoln

  3. 3 I Mean, What Are The Odds...

  4. 4 Someone's Having A Bad Day

  5. 5 S**t

  6. 6 At Least It Didn’t Get On Her Shirt

  7. 7 I Can See My Neighbors Take A S**t Everyday

  8. 8 Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't

  9. 9 These A**holes Told Me It Was A Sweater Party

  10. 10 This Is A Nice Place To Take A Pic

  11. 11 Sometimes We Hold On Tight To The Wrong Things

  12. 12 Rough Day On The Course

  13. 13 My Friend Got Notice About Delayed Package, Then Sent Me This On His Drive Home Saying "So That's What Happened"

  14. 14 When You Want To Impress The Neighbors With Your Modern Solutions, But Then Become Known As The Guy Who Destroyed A Jeep At The Push Of A Button

  15. 15 My Cat Just Bit The Corner Of My MacBook. FML

  16. 16 Accidentally Spilled Coffee Grounds On The Floor... And All Over My Child

  17. 17 So I Put A Sticky Trap Down And Then Forgot About It For A Few Months. I'm Terrified Of My House Now

  18. 18 My Friend Went To His Room To Sleep Last Night And Found Rodent Prints

  19. 19 We Had Too Much On Our Shelf And In Our Cupboard, So It Broke. But It Could've Been Worse Without Pam

  20. 20 This Is What Happens When You Take The Ice Tray Out Of A Freezer With An Automatic Ice Maker

  21. 21 My Trip To Mount Rushmore Last Year

  22. 22 My Apple Broke The Apple Cutter And Now I Have A Weapon

  23. 23 I Bet Kevin Was Wondering Why People Were Giving Him Strange Looks At Work Yesterday

  24. 24 I Work In An Office And They Told People To Dress Up. I'm The Only One Dressed Up...

  25. 25 Well That Was A Quick Turnaround

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